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Introducing Vaccine Central

Hello and welcome to Vaccine Central. The mission of this newest blog will be to gather as much information as is publicly available on vaccines, and present it for the reader, in a format that will make it easy for anyone looking for info on vaccines to find it here. To the best of my knowledge, a blog dedicated solely to vaccines does not exist, and I like the flexibility of the blog format better than a static web page, thus I decided to create the Vaccine Central.

The decision to vaccinate, or not, is not one that should be made quickly or based on incomplete information. The internet is a great source of information; unfortunately it is an even greater source of misinformation and sorting good from bad info is a tough task. My focus will be in presenting the best info I can find, with complete links to primary sources of information in order to make it easier for concerned individuals to find the information they need quickly and give them the opportunity to verify with the sources. This blog is not meant to provide complete information, only the information I’ve been able to dig up and present here. I am not a medical doctor, therefore anything you read in this blog should not replace your pediatrician’s advice. Join me in this important journey, as I try to separate truth from fiction, and try to answer the question: to vaccinate or not to vaccinate? Let us find out!

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