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Vaccine Misconception of the day

I’m thinking of making this a regular feature. I will list general misconceptions that people hold in regards to vaccines and hopefully that’ll prompt people to research more carefully. Here goes today’s Vaccine Misconception.

“The consequences of being vaccinated with side effects and something going wrong are greater than the risk of him catching something and allowing his immune system to fight it naturally,” she said.

Fletcher’s Mom

Skepdude says – To Fletcher’s mom: I have a 3 year-old. I made sure she got all her vaccinations as recommended by the CDC. She has never had any adverse effects to any of the vaccines. So there, I have one anecdote for your anecdote. It’s a tie. Where does that leave us now? It should leave us with the science, and the science says that your fears are misplaced. Any side effects vaccines cause is greatly outweighed by the harm they prevent. You should not be so willing to have your child catch diseases for his immune system to “fight it naturally”. It’s a fight he may end up loosing, the same way Keira Skaife, Callie Grace, or Dana McCaffery did.

Think of the vaccines as swimming aids. Would you put those on your child to help him learn how to swim, even though they may cause him a bit of skin irritation, or would you throw him overboard and let him learn how to swim “naturally”? If you go the “natural” way, he may learn how to swim and survive, but the likelihood of him drowning in the process goes way up. The risks of vaccines vs. the risks from the disease are like the risk of skin irritation vs. the risk of drowning in my analogy. I suggest you redo your research and reconsider your decision.

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