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Important reminder for soon-to-be parents

If you are about to become a parent, one of the most important things to discuss with your doctor is vaccine booster shots. The soon-to-be parents, and any other person that will be taking care, or around (such as a sibling or grandparent), of the baby need to get booster shoots for every disease the booster shots are available for. Your baby’s survival may depend on it. Keep in mind, that besides the HepB vaccine which is given at birth, the first round of vaccines does not start until the 2nd month of life, and even then the baby does not get full coverage. Some shots need to be spaced out over a number of months until the full dose has been received.

Especially during those first 2 months, it is extremely important that the baby be protected by nasty bugs, such as the one causing the whooping-cough disease. The current whooping-cough outbreak in California provides a painful reminder of that. Babies are extremely vulnerable to this disease, and an adult can infect them without even knowing that they have the disease. That is why it is so important for the parents, siblings and other people who will be in frequent contact with the baby, to be up-to-date with their shots, and to receive booster shots when available.

Your baby depends on you for food, comfort, safety, in other words a chance to live. Don’t let them down due to laziness or because you’re squeamish of a little needle. A little pinch to you can go a long way to preventing a LOT of pain, or death,  to him/her.

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