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Vaccine Preventable Death – Dylan Bianchi

David and Mariah Bianchi hold a picture of their baby, Dylan, who in 2005 died at 17 days of age of whooping cough. Dylan was one of 8 children who died of the disease that year, when an epidemic was reported in California. The illness has returned this year and has already killed six California children. PHOTO COURTESY OF MARIAH BIANCHI

Age at death – 17 days

Cause of death – Pertussis (whooping cough)

Vaccination status – Most likely unvaccinated due to young age

Synopsis – Dylan’s mother got sick with cold like symptoms while she was pregnant. As her disease worsened, it induced early labor. Dylan was born two weeks premature, but otherwise in good health. Mariah, Dylan’s mother, had pertussis which went undiagnosed by her doctors. Her other son also started exhibiting the same symptoms. Unfortunately, the disease then infected Dylan. Seventeen days after her baby Dylan was born, he grew so lethargic that she couldn’t wake him for a feeding. He died 12 hours later in an ambulance while being transferred from one hospital to another. My heartfelt condolences go out to the Bianchi family; I am very saddened for your loss.


San Fernando Valley  Sun


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