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California whooping cough update 9-7-10

As reported previously, the California whooping cough outbreak of 2010 has claimed the lives of 7 infants. Here is updated data as of 09-07-10 provided by the California Department of Public Health pertussis page. Unfortunately, the news is worse, the 8th victim has been recorded, yet another infant. Here is a synopsis of the CDPC data, as of 9/7/2010:

  • 3,834 confirmed, probable & suspected cases – a 7 fold increase from the previous year
  • This is the most absolute number of cases reported since 1958 and the highest incidence per 100,000 since 1962
  • 12% of cases were hospitalized, 59% of those hospitalized were children ❤ months; 74% were children <6 months; 801% of the under 6 months hospitalized were Hispanic
  • 8 deaths have been reported all infants less than 3 months. 7 were under 2 months, thus had not received any doses of the pertussis vaccine. 1 had received the first dose (of 5) 11 days prior
  • Rates in infants < 6 months old are 6 times higher than the next biggest affected category 7-9 year olds, and 8 times the rates of adolescents, the third most affected category
  • Highest rates are seen in Hispanic infants < 6 months of age

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