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How to get personalized immuniaztion schedules for your children

Staying on top of your children’s recommended immunizations can be daunting. You have to print out the CDC’s recommended schedule, translate it into something that makes sense, keeping track of what vaccine was given when etc, etc. Now, I’ve found that the CDC provides a tool that makes it easy to print a personalized schedule that breaks down what vaccine should be given when. All you do is enter your child’s date of birth, and name if you wish, and the system produces a tabular list, telling you exactly what vaccine the child should receive and by what date, so you may print it and take it with you to your doctor. Can’t get any easier than that.

Here is a partial reproduction of the schedule, for a child I named “YOUR CHILD” who is born on 09/09/2010.

A second tool is also web-based (hint: can be accessed by any smartphone or other such device such as an iPod Touch for example) and it is provided by the nice folks at Every Child By Two and Vaccinateyourbaby.org. This is a similar tool. You are asked to enter you child’s name, birthdate and your e-mail (if you want to receive e-mail reminders) and you are sent a personalized PDF schedule to use to track your child’s vaccination status.

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