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Vaccine Times July-Sept 2010 Issue redesigned

Dear Friends,

I am happy to share with you the newly redesigned first issue of The Vaccine Times. As you will see, this version has been completely revamped, thanks to the tireless work of @GeekyJules, a.k.a Julia Sherred, who has done a fantastic job  with the design and layout of the paper.

Please help

Helping with the project couldn’t be any easier.

Step 1 – Click the red “Subscribe” link on the right and add your e-mail to The Times mailing list. We need numbers; with large numbers comes leverage with prospective customers who may be interested in purchasing ad space.

Step 2 – Spread the word. Nov. 01, through Nov. 06 has been declared Vaccine Awareness Week by the anti-vaccine crowd. We are releasing the redesigned Vaccine Times as our contribution to the effort by those of us in the reality-based side to counter what is sure to be a torrent of misinformation from the anti-vaccine advocates.You can do your part to help with this. And I’ve made doing your part as easy as CTRL-C and CTRL-V.  Tweet the following message once a day, every day, during Vaccine Awareness Week:

I just received my free copy of The @VaccineTimes. Sign up by sending a blank e-mail with the title “Subscribe” to vaccinetimes@gmail.com

Easy, right? Also use this message as a status update on your Facebook account, but please only do that once; you don’t want to be unfriended for bothering your friends every day.

Step 3 – Print copies of  The Times (in color to get the full visual effect) and leave them hanging out on your office’s copy room; hand them out at your next local skeptical event, and bring one over to your pediatrician on your next visit and tell him you’re interested in seeing their office making this available as reading material.

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